A century long quest for excellence started by Torakusu Yamaha, helped to build Japan's first piano in 1900. In the 100 years since that time, Yamaha pianos have become a global musical presence, that have pioneered innovations, new methods, set higher standards of quality and created advances and refinement in the acoustic industry of piano making. It has also made Yamaha the world's leading piano manufacturers.

Building better pianos, creating new types of pianos, setting the pace for the industry, and gaining worldwide recognition by artists with integrity from around the world, Yamaha has made a commitment to produce a dependable, affordable instrument that provides a high quality sound.

A long way from organs, Torakusu began as a clock maker. After the introduction in 1900 of the first piano, and the first grand in 1902; Yamaha unveiled it's first concert grand in 1967, and in 1982 introduced the "disklavier" technology. This new technology has a combination of midi and fibre-optic technology to communicate the subtleties of a musician's performance. In 2002, at the 12th International Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow, Yamaha shared the platform with 4 other leading manufacturers and the 8 finalists.

Yamaha entered the scene late in the traditional development of pianos. Since then, they have become the instrument of choice by many professionals from around the world. Tone, touch, consistency and durability are all elements of design that create acceptance by the world's piano competitor and performing organizations around the world.

Used by schools, conservatories, piano instructors, and music lovers everywhere, Yamaha upright and grand pianos are a top pick for music education. Yamaha pianos hold an enviable reputation worldwide for consistent high quality, trouble-free durability and superior musical performance. Drawing on comprehensive acoustic and electronic know-how, Yamaha instruments are always a step ahead. The skills and expertise over the last 100 years have driven market share to this state of the art piano design giant.