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Welcome to the Featherstone Music Showroom. On the left please find a list of the current inventory we have made available for purchase. We have some spectacular things to show you today. Our inventory changes often, so if you are just beginning the buying process and need some help, we will be happy to educate all along the way.

For the web site we have given each piano a separate page to view. Each piano is presented with a clear description, model, style, manufacturer, specifics about that piano, signatures, pictures, and any other relevant information on possible location placement by design, and the asking price. We can provide appropriate authentication documentation on any of the collector's items you see in the showroom as well.

A picture is worth a thousand words they say, so we have provided some spectacular photographs of these beautiful instruments for you to see. Please take a few minutes to browse through the Showroom. See which piano may speak to you. Is it a beautiful adornment, the color you see in your mind you want, the distinct style you are looking for, it could match furniture you may already have, or maybe you need information about the manufacturer of what you see? You may indeed find something that may spark inspiration you absolutely have to come see. That's what we hope you find. More importantly, we want you to come in to play the piano that creates that spark, to see it's beauty and touch, feel, and hear the voice of the instruments you are considering.

Are you just beginning to explore the idea of purchasing a piano? If this is the case, let us direct you to the list of piano manufacturers above the main buttons at the top of each page as a starting place. There you will find a brief history about some of the world's leading piano manufacturers. We think you will find this information very helpful in the buying process. We hope to educate you about pianos, find out what is available and what you need, and then help you locate one that serves your needs best.

As a discriminating buyer, seller, collector, institution, teacher, or technician, each of you have varying needs. We are here to help you discover the right piano. We have the expertise you need to make the educated buying process decision a reality.

As an investment opportunity, additional information can also be provided upon request about any piano. As a collector or purchaser of fine art, we understand the nuances of the industry and will be able assist you in the process.

We would like to have you call David or Dave and set an appointment to visit the Showroom. Start today with another step toward fulfilling that dream. Phone: Dave Leeman @ 469-363-3283 or David Featherstone @ 214-349-3318. You may also click on the Contact Us form and send your information request by submitting the completed form. We will get back with you shortly.

Yamaha C3 Centennial Grand
Pianos That Set The Standards
The Craftsman's Workshop at 9965 Royal Lane #36 in Dallas.
David Featherstone continually acquires premium pre-owned pianos from the best piano manufacturers--only pianos that have superior tone and workmanship. Some are already in near perfect condition while others need extensive work. Restoring these pianos to like-new quality through experienced craftsmanship is one of the Featherstone legacies.

The restoration is generally superior to the piano when it was new because of the advance in materials and painstakingly careful labor that is not part of an assembly line. David Featherstone is not satisfied until he can place with confidence a 10 year warranty for parts and labor on each piano.

Our pianos are shown in our air-conditioned workshop by appointment only so we can pass on the showroom and labor savings to you. You can be assured if you buy a piano from Featherstone Music you have purchased a piano with no hidden flaws and that the piano will bring you pleasure for generations. Please contact Dave Leeman for a viewing appointment. Phone: 469-363-3283

In speaking about pianos for sale, we speak of the piano in more than one perspective. Not only the extraordinary success of the piano on it's own musical merits and uses, but also on it's acceptance as an item of furniture. Spouting gargoyles, bow-clenching cupids, intertwining serpents, flute-playing automata, paintings, gold and symbols of social standing, are not considered too much to add for adornment.

Imagination and inspiration with aspirations by their creators of being the best they could be was the primary focus of most of the world's piano builders. From the humblest of settings in a small home to the salons and palaces of the unimaginably wealthy, an incredible amount of skill and education have gone into creating a piano that can virtually fit anywhere. This incredible journey led by near genius pioneers all over the world has come to be what we would term a pure musical journey. The star of the show is, and always will be, a musical instrument given to many classes, societies, but for the sole purpose of sound.