Restoration Back To New Condition

A fine piano is considered a work of art in the piano industry and, therefore, must be cared for. Proper maintenance is one thing, restoration is a completely different matter.

Restoring a piano to brand new condition is work that we prefer to do with good-quality instruments. Touch, tone, and durability are 3 of the many essentials that a good piano possesses. Tone is to the medium of the pianist's art what color is to the painter. With the immense diversity in design, style, quality, and engineering, restoration is not always possible for all pianos, so a complete investigation of this process is needed before a decision can be made. A piano may have sentimental value to you but has deteriorated with decades of use or misuse and can only return to being a fine musical instrument by a complete overhaul.

The level of restoration is the primary objective in determining what success a restoration project would have on any given instrument. Proper evaluation with respect to craftsmanship, materials needed, and quality expectations for the function of use will determine the cost. A true labor of love is initiated with each piano we restore. A painstaking process of highly skilled and focused energy over a prolonged period of time is the only way to have the result you are anticipating.

What should happen in this whole restoration process is a good question to ask. More often than not, it means replacing strings, action parts, damper felt, miscellaneous felt and leather throughout, tuning pins and pin block, and, possibly, repairing or replacing the sounding board. And, finally, it means refinishing the case, sounding board, and plate, as well as re-plating or polishing nickel or brass metal parts and replacing original decals.

Bearing all this in mind, one could forget that it took hundreds of years for the piano to evolve as we know it today. The manufacturer's materials used to create this magnificent piece of art may or may not be available any more. Moving forward then, in a very determined fashion, Featherstone Pianos uses today's superior technology and materials to fulfill this restorative process with the respect it commands.

Challenges are evaluated and accepted with each piece of art we examine. Many people have no idea where to start with a process of this magnitude, and that is another reason why we are here.

If you are a seller, buyer, or owner, Featherstone will be glad to assist you in the full and complete restoration of your piano.