Piano Moving
Locally, Regionally or Nationally?

We are happy to recommend extremely experienced and careful piano moving companies.

Call Cousins Piano Moving and Storage at 972.926.1920. We have found time after time they have been committed to the safety of the instrument, use sound methods, and are equipped to handle all types of pianos.

Another very fine mover, Stephen Cronk, AAA Piano Services, can be reached at 817.205.9577 or AAAPianosvc@yahoo.com.

We also recommend Rodney Munselle for long haul moving. 214.803.1561

Things to know before you call:

  1. Is it a grand or a verticle? The name and model number would be helpful.
  2. How long is it from front to back (grand) or tall is it from floor to top (verticle)?
  3. Are there any steps or stairs at either the pickup or destination places? Don't assume anything! Count them and be sure because the movers certainly will!
  4. Will there be any tight turns?
  5. What is the distance between pickup and destination places? Mileage is charged from portal to portal (one way) after approximately 15 miles, depending on the mover.

Movers must charge extra for extra work so make sure of these things before the move so there won't be any surprises. It doesn't cost anything to ask questions!

You may also want to know how long to wait to tune after it has been moved. We recommend up to 10 days in order to allow the piano time to adjust to major humidity changes, e.g., in-town, no waiting; Nevada to Mississippi, 10 days.