Piano Maintenance
Periodic Adjustment Issues

Just like your car, the maintenance your piano needs is often related to how much it is used along with the environment in which it is placed. Periodic maintenance will really help overcome the effect of wear and and changes in the instrument itself. Some of the issues that will need periodic adjustment include:

Voicing--adjustment of the felt hammers by filing and shaping them, softening them with a special tool and technique, or hardening them at the tip for more brilliance ensures consistency of the tone from note to note. Hammers that have had this done repeatedly over time may need to be replaced. Density and tension of the felt are what really determine the quality of the resulting sound when the hammer hits the string.

Action regulation--adjustment of the key spacing, weight, level and dip so that all the keys fall the same depth and with the same amount of friction, adjustment of the hammer spacing, travel, height, and drop, whipen let off, repetition height, fly or jack position, and spring tension are all aspects that deal with the true touch of a piano. In some cases replacement of the key bushings is necessary to correct "wobble".

String replacement---sometimes strings break, so the replacement need is obvious. Other times they just "die" and lose their flexibility and resonance because of age, rust, or "stuff" that accumulates on them; especially the bass strings.

Guitarists and violinists regularly replace their strings for the same reasons. Piano strings at their best have a life span of between 16 and 40 years depending on the the environment.

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Traditional hand crafted pianos of yesterday were built with no shorcuts, higher standards, and life expectancy was expressed in many hundreds of years. Here at Featherstone Pianos, we want you to to enjoy the legacy of sound for future generations.