Mason & Hamlin

The year is 1854, in Boston Massachusetts, and 2 unlikely idealists, meet, design and set out to change the way the world looks at high quality organs and pianos. What was their common goal: To make the world's finest musical instruments. The mystique about these men is still shared today by many a forward thinking company that invests time and millions of dollars in creating it's products. With an eye on the future, and one on the past; Mason & Hamlin is still honoring its long illustrious history as a leading piano manufacturer. Mason & Hamlin pianos are one of the few investment-grade pianos built today. These logically designed, carefully executed painstaking process of creation embody a consistent quality accurate product, which results in a superior piano with greater sonic character.

The combination of limited production and great attention paid off in 1854 and is still paying off today, as Mason & Hamlin astonish the music world. Beginning with the 1867 1st prize win at the Paris Exhibition, this small American company turned Europe on it's ear with their top prize and astounded Americans by becoming a worldwide manufacturer with a reputation for excellence. What was even more astonishing was the fact that they continued to win year after year. Slowly, meticulously, with great attention to the smallest detail, and with the finest materials, this well-known firm began expansion in 1881.

With Mason & Hamlin's innovations, use of designs unknown, craftsmanship unsurpassed, it's pianos were the worlds costliest to produce and were accepted as the world's finest. By the turn of the Century, The Golden age of the Piano was in full swing, and the most illustrious concert artists of the day were aligning with piano manufacturers. Sergei Rachmaninoff, Harold Bauer, Anna Case, and prodigy Yehudi Menuhin all endorsed Mason and Hamlin. Extensive range in dynamics, quality of tone, beauty in design, and sheer works of art were all appreciated by anyone who played or sang with these leading musicians.

Mason & Hamlin is headquarted in Haverhill, Massachusetts, not far from its original roots in Boston. Six floors of this busy factory are dedicated to the handcrafting and design of Mason & Hamlin pianos. This factory has a workforce of 70 highly skilled craftsmen who complete every phase of production from rim pressing, crown retention system, and prepping the finished product. With 12 inspections, and choosing quality over quantity, annual production is limited to 50 uprights and 300 grand pianos a year.