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The Organ Historical Society
We are an international organization that seeks members from all levels of interest in the organ. Whether you simply listen enthusiastically or you play, build, or study the organ as an avocation or profession, the Organ Historical Society invites you to join.The Society promotes a widespread musical and historical interest in American organbuilding through collection, preservation, and publication of historical information, and through recordings and public concerts.

The Vocal Majority Chorus

Pull together a group of 100+ men volunteering from all walks of life with varying degrees of musical talent and experience, ask them to sing, and the listener may hear something that resembles beautiful music. But call that group The Vocal Majority® Chorus and stand Jim or Greg Clancy before them in the role of director, and one is in store for an extraordinary musical experience from a group that has touched literally tens of thousands of listeners around the world.

The Royal School of Church Music
The RSCM is an international network of over 9,000 affiliated groups and individual members in over 40 countries throughout the world. It has significant volunteer-led RSCM organizations outside Europe in the USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, and smaller groupings in other parts of the world. It is the largest church music organization in Britain, and - in terms of the breadth of its agenda and activity - perhaps the biggest in the English-speaking world.

American Theatre Organ Society
The American Theatre Organ Society (ATOS) is dedicated to the preservation of a unique American art form -- the theatre pipe organ and its music. The membership includes musicians, technicians, and enthusiastic listeners -- all devoted to the preservation and continued enjoyment of what we believe to be a national treasure.

American Guild of Organists
The purpose of the American Guild of Organists is to promote the organ in its historic and evolving roles, to encourage excellence in the performance of organ and choral music, and to provide a forum for mutual support, inspiration, education, and certification of Guild members.

Piano World
Piano World - it's all about pianos! Join our world famous piano forums today! Piano World is here to help you find the information you want about pianos. There are nearly 1000 pages of facts, figures, fun, forums, games, pictures, reviews, and reference material here. Looking for a piano tuner, dealer, teacher, or mover? Do you want to know how old your piano is or how to take care of it? You can find all this and much more here at Piano World. And visit our online store for all your piano accessories and music gifts.

For over 150 years, Steinway has been dedicated to the ideal of making the finest pianos in the world. Whether you are a professional artist, a student, or enthused listener, we hope you enjoy exploring the rich tradition of these beautiful instruments.

The Organ Historical Society Catalog
You have found pipe organ heaven! This site contains more than 3,500 items related to the pipe organ and its music, including a large collection of classical and theatre organ CDs, books, videos, and classical sheet music. More items are added almost every day. Please visit us often!

Dallas Chapter - American Guild of Organists
The Dallas Chapter of the American Guild of Organists welcomes you! Founded in 1918, the chapter strives along with the national association to serve its members and the community by promoting the organ in its historic and evolving roles as well as excellence in the performance of organ and choral music.

Church Organ Associates
Church Organ Associates, Inc. and Church Organs of Houston are Texas companies providing churches, schools and individuals with the finest digital, pipe and combination organs. They have been serving music ministries, first as musicians and then as an Allen representative, for more than 30 years. Their record of customer satisfaction is unparalleled.

Evening Song




An auditioned group from the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Non-profit organization that performs for churches and other organizations.


Schudi Organ Company
The Schudi Organ Company, located just outside Dallas, Texas, specializes in all facets of pipe organ work including the building of original tracker and electric control instruments as well as the repair and maintenance of both its own organs and those of other builders.

Delos International
The Delos International music label feature performances from some of the world's best classical music talent including Janos Starker, the Oregon Symphony, Dmitri Hvorostovsky, the London Symphony Orchestra, the HUAXIA Chinese Chamber Ensemble, Raffaele Trevisani, and Dennis Keene's Voices of Ascension, just to name a very few.

Musician's Friend
Musician's Friend offers over 36,000 products in its mail order catalogs and on its website. Products offered include guitars, basses, keyboards, percussion, amps, as well as recording, mixing, lighting, and DJ gear. Hundreds of new products are added monthly as the company continues to broaden and deepen its offerings.

Reuter Organ Company
It is the Reuter purpose to build organs based on the rich traditions and history of the instrument, in all its diversity. Reuter, therefore, reject the rigid preception of some, that any one style of design or construction is superior. At Reuter the emphasis of tonal design is based on the importance of developing a rich and warm sound in each individual rank withing the framework of a cohesive ensemble.