In the late 1890's, Koichi Kawai was recruited by Yamaha to build pianos. After the death of Mr. Yamaha, Koichi started his own company in 1927 and began to blend old world craftsmanship with the most advanced technology with precision and efficiency. 1928 embarked the creation of the first grand piano completed by the Kawai Piano Company. His dream of building the world's finest piano was just the beginning of a long journey which has led to music, as the highest of fine arts; the sound of the soul.

This dream has never stopped, and as the most decorated line of pianos worldwide, and a leader in authenticity and innovation, Kawai now introduces the world's first ensemble pianos.

Today, Herotaka Kawai, is the 3rd generation of Kawai, and is taking them into the next century to continue the family tradition dedicated to making quality affordable pianos of all styles, and type. In this decade more artists select Kawai in winning the world's most prestigious piano competitions, including the Van Clyburn than any other.

The universal language of music is shared by all people and transcends the ages and communicates right into the heart. A fine musical instrument is essential to faithfully articulate and give meaning to artistic interpretation and impressions. Koichi dreamed, created, developed, expanded, and brought forth quality products to people throughout the world and in every walk of life. Continuing to bring to the market more and more quality products; the consumer, musician, vocalist, teacher, competitor all have an opportunity to experience the dream. It has become a reality for Koichi, and for those of us who live in an age where the past links us directly to the future.

Today Kawai brings the consumer a quality piano value, at a discriminating price. Creating an instrument built in Japan, this new piano transcends Koichi's dreams.