Is My Piano In Tune?
Listen For The Beats

Owning a piano is just the start of a process that continues to enhance the quality of music in our lives. Is My Piano In Tune? is a question that we often hear from our clients. Since the piano you purchase will bring you a lifetime of enjoyment to you and your family, as you might expect with any investment of this size it will require periodic servicing and adjustment. This attention to tuning will provide outstanding performance year after year.

But to understand what maintenance is required, it's important to understand the nature of the piano. If you hear a pattern of repeating beats, your piano is out of tune! If the "A" note on your piano sounds like a completely different note, your piano may need a pitch raise. Please click on the MP3 icon and listen to the vibrations and hear what is going on. Bringing the strings close to their proper pitch so that your technician can then properly fine tune your instrument is a process very familiar to us here at Featherstone Pianos.

Since this is one of the most common question piano technicians hear from their customers, there isn't always and easy answer. No two pianos are alike, and construction and engineering are all factors in what you actually hear. Let us help you inhance your musical enjoyment. A piano which is properly tuned and maintained can heighten your entire experiance and your family can appreciate the beauty of the instrument the way it was intended.