Dwight Hamilton Baldwin opened the doors to his Cincinnati Ohio music store in 1862. By the year 1890, with the matra of "manufacturing the best piano that could be built", Dwight had developed the first upright Baldwin which was made available to the masses in 1891. Later in 1895, the company introduced the first grand piano, a rich 5'4" model. And the list goes on. This Nashville based corporation is still making music in the new century. New Baldwin Custom Grands, styled to fit individual lifestyles are presenting the traditional grand piano as a starting point for design. Truly innovative in the traditional concept of piano design.

On the road to success, and keeping an eye on growth opportunities, this reed organ and violin teacher during the next quarter century, became one of the largest piano retailers in the Midwestern United States. At the time of his death in August of 1899, Dwight Hamilton had established a worldwide reputation. Reflecting a commitment and dedication to American craftsmanship and product excellence and innovation in the art of crafting fine pianos, his name continues to enter the new millennium in many genre, as a piano that speaks the language of music with eloquence and passion. Many of our nations most popular piano models in history were constructed by Baldwin. From a practical Wurlitzer spinet to a one-of-a-kind Chickering or a handmade Baldwin grand piano, you can choose an instrument that complements your home, budget and musical requirements. In the process, you'll gain an instrument that beckons to be loved. Golden tones ring with definition and authority, Keys respond to the most subtle command, and many of the 20th centuruy's greatest artists have chosen Baldwin.

Leonard Bernstein, Igor Stravinsky, Count Basie,Dave Brubeck, and Aaron Copland are but a few of the professional artists that have discovered Baldwin is one of the best in the Piano industry. Composers and conductors in Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati and Philadelphia perform with Baldwins. In 1973 Baldwin celebrated building it's 1 millionth upright/vertical piano, and is America's largest piano builder,that sells more than any other manufacturer. Dwight Hamilton Baldwin realized even in his time, when you possess a piano bearing the Baldwin, Chickering or Wurlitzer name, you'll own one of the finest instruments available today.

The quality and attention given to each model is designed and manufactured with strict standards and uses more than a century of knowledge and piano-crafting experience to bring quality music into your homes. Many of our nations most popular piano models in history were constructed by Baldwin. With countless types of pianos to select from,you can choose an instrument that complements your home, budget and musical requirements.

The prestigious honor of the Grand Prix Award at the 1900 International Exhibition in Paris, catapulted this American made piano to the forefront of the world. In terms of eloquence as a performance instrument, this new level of growth and workmanship still continue to delight performers worldwide. The revolutionary SD10 Concert Grand Piano was often heralded in 1965 as the world's top major design innovation. Critics of the day in Time magazine exclaimed "If Beethoven had had a piano like that, the course of music would have been radically altered."

It is safe to say, Baldwin today offers state of the art, acoustic and digital pianos in both upright and grand cabinets that beckon you to fall in love with what you hear. Of Course that is what they are counting on, their worldwide reputation is dedicated to filling your lives with fuller, richer, and more beautiful music.