About Us

David Featherstone, is a master piano technician. He maintains a life of service to the community making sure that every piano he works on is well maintained, kept in perfect tune, and remains in superior physical condition.

David Featherstone began tuning and rebuilding piano's in Dallas in 1974 after graduating from the University of Texas at Arlington. Although his degrees were in classical guitar performance and composition, David's technical skills and interests led him to a career in piano maintenance and restoration. He has written computer programs to enhance piano action restoration and stringing scales.

Although today most recording studios use electronic keyboards, when acoustic pianos were still in studios, David was THE studio tuner and prepared pianos for concerts and recordings of Ella Fitzgerald, Steve Allen, Elton John, Ferranti and Teicher, The Pointer Sisters, Stephen Neilson, Jeffery Swan, the UNT One O'clock Jazz Band, and many others. His restored pianos are found in churches and schools all over the metroplex. David places an unparalleled 10 year complete warranty on any piano he restores.

Dave Leeman, our piano consultant, is a leading professional pianist and church musician in the Dallas metroplex. Dave loves to connect the right pianos with the right people. His skills in musical knowledge, performance ability, and music direction and composition assist him in making your dreams a reality.

Together they help you take the journey of discovery and lay hold of your dream.

What's Your Dream?


  • The purchase of an investment quality piano.
  • Restoring a fine quality piano.
  • A fine old-world piano for your new home or office.
  • A gift for a talented family member.
  • Or maybe its just for you to have and play.

Whatever your reason, David and Dave will take the time to discuss your piano needs and desires. They bring a rich foundation of talents and gifts to share with you as you begin to move forward in this journey to achieving your dream.