Welcome to the Featherstone Music website. For 30 years it has been our pleasure to serve Texas, especially the Dallas Ft. Worth community, in every area of piano needs. Restoration, Sales, Service, Tuning, Moving, Care, Education, and Teaching, have all played a vital role in the continued success and expansion of our business in Dallas metroplex and surrounding communities.

With a musician's ear, a craftman's touch, a technician's skills, the best methods in tuning technology, superior attention to quality and detail, a genuine gift & love of music, and, the desire to restore pianos to original perfection; Featherstone Music is the essence of fine piano restoration and care. We ask you to pick up the phone and contact us for all your piano needs.

On the road to success, we have kept a watchful eye on the pioneers of the piano industry. Traditions handed down from master to master over generations are the most important things we must maintain within our industry. It is the precision and accuracy of manufacturing techniques that differentiates the greats, and the skills used to define master traditions that are already the standard for each and every piano in the country.

Maintaining the integrity of fine pianos, keeping these beautiful instruments in the shop to work on and restore, and ultimately making them available to discriminating buyers like you are a few of the things that allow us to keep bringing quality music into your homes, venues, and concert halls.

We hope you find this site inspiring, informative, enlightening, and most of all exciting. There is nothing like the joy of bringing beautiful music into lives of people. It is the universal launguage shared by everyone at all levels, and communicates directy to the heart. We all can share the purity and joy of hearing, playing, writing, and communicating the very essence of sound in the music we hear. Being able to communicate this beauty is at the core of why Featherstone Music has opened it's doors.